Letters to Parents

Here are a collection of letters we have received from parents and staff written to families currently experiencing life on  Neonatal Units.

I’ve Been There Too.

To all those who are in NICU or SCBU today, to all those who are going home to an empty cot tonight and are longing to sleep next to their baby…I’ve been there too.’


Becoming a Father to Frey.

‘Preemie babies really are exceptional. Every baby is special, but the strength these little heroes possess is incredible. They’re individual little miracles.’


Not All Days Are Good, But There is Good in Every Day.

‘I read everything I could find online about anything related. I lost so many hours doing this. There are no answers. Every baby is different.’

https://letterstotheneonatalunit.wordpress.com/2020/05/18/not-all-days-are-good-but-there-is-good-in-every-day/(opens in a new tab)

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